If you are a person who believes in the power of stones and their effect on your life then this article is a must-read for you as there are details about orgonite pyramids, their reality, and how to use them. We will also discuss certain benefits of using Orgonite Pyramids.  

What Are Orgonite Pyramids?


The renowned items are based on Austrian psychoanalyst research where the word orgone was born. It refers to a mixture of quartz crystals with semi-precious gemstones and various types of metals and resins layered in a pattern.

 All of these materials combined up to bring a balance in the life energy.  They are also known as prana, chi, or orgone. These pyramids have precious value because they have healing power.


How Does an Orgonite Pyramid Works?


When the precious metals and crystals are mixed they become electrically charged by the reason which eventually contracts them.  Combinedly, it absorbs the white energy, organic energy, whereas nonorganic components dispersed it back in all directions.

As the orgone generators are made up of a mix of organic and nonorganic material that carries the characteristics of moving the Orgone Energy back and forth.  It plays the role of a cleansing that eliminates stagnant and negative energies.



Benefits of Using Orgonite Pyramids:


 As mentioned before, the positive orgonite pyramids have the energy to absorb the EMF radiation. So it makes the overall environment lighter and healthier.  

All of it results in better focus of the person working in that room giving him a boost up immunity; better focus interest in work and positive balance in life.  Continuing these benefits, these orgonite pyramids have shown certain health benefits as well.

What Things Can an Orgonite Pyramid Do?


Orgonite pyramids are considered to have various characteristics and use some of them are mentioned below

  • The improved immunity and eliminate EMF radiation from the environment.
  • Remove the stresses that affect a person on an unconscious level.
  • People believe that orgonite pyramids have special positive effects on their life and spirituality.
  • Augment pyramids heal the environment due to their energy-absorbing nature.
  • Fight insomnia, improve sleep and pleasant dreams.


How to Use Orgonite Pyramids:


You can use the orgonite pyramids in various ways however the most common method is as follow

  • Firstly, you need to hold the pyramid in your hand and meditate with it.  It is vital that you clear your mind from all the distractions and strongly focused on the pyramid and feel the energy that is coming from it.  Here your aim should be to feel the energy from the pyramid.


  • Conveying your intentions is also a vital part of using the orgonite pyramid.  It is considered that every object has a conscious so talk to your pyramid as if you are talking to your friend and communicate your intentions to it.


  • Show as much affection and interest in the pyramid as you can because only then a strong bond between two of them will be established and positive energies will start to emit.


  • You can keep the orgonite pyramid in your pocket all day long. So it can be your pocket item as well.



Pyramids are an amazing thing to the people who believe in them. Here we are appreciating the belief that generations have developed towards the orgonite pyramids.  Overall they are believed to be the most prominent reason for further emission of positive energies in the surrounding.  

God created many precious stones with great benefits for the humanity. Buy now your orgonite pyramid from Secret Of Chakra to enhance and empower different areas of your life. Good luck with your orgonite pyramid.

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