8 Best Crystals For Money: Stones To Attract Wealth & Prosperity

While many people use crystals for money, it’s important to point out that they are using them to help shape their goals. These stones give you the right focus to put the hard work that is needed to achieve wealth in your life. It’s all about manifestation and setting intentions for what you want to get and where you want your finances to go.

There are a number of crystals that attract money and can be put to use in your life to gain true prosperity. Let’s take a look:


Another great crystal for wealth that looks the part. The bright yellow color of citrine exudes prosperity and abundance, as well as warmth and sunshine. This prosperity crystal will give you the confidence you need to move forward with your plans for wealth.

The best way to use citrine is when meditating. It is closely linked to your solar plexus chakra, so be sure to hold the stone close to the chakra as you begin to manifest what you want financially.


Green Jade

The Chinese have been using green jade in connection to wealth for centuries. This member of the green gemstone family attracts harmony, giving you the ability to think clearly and keep calm. These are vital characteristics in someone who wants to manifest wealth in their life.

Green jade is a quiet stone, meaning it can be hard to feel the stone’s vibrations during the day when so much is going on. It’s best to keep green jade in your bedroom next to your bed. As you sleep, it will help turn your dreams towards what you want.


Another green stone, malachite, gives you strength and confidence. It also shows you that it’s all right to change. These are important qualities when going after dreams because you’ll know that you can keep moving forward even when there are obstacles in your way.

Malachite is linked to the heart and is incredibly effective when worn in a necklace over your chest. This will help to remind you to stay passionate about your financial goals and to follow your heart when making decisions. It’s one of the best crystals for money as it keeps you on track and following your financial goals.


Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is often used for good luck and fortune but is also closely linked to the mind. It gives you patience, strength, and determination to help you follow the right path. When you carry a tiger’s eye with you, you’ll find it keeps you grounded.

The best way to use this crystal for wealth is to hold it in your hand or simply keep it close in a pocket. The stone will serve as a solid reminder of what you want and the path you need to follow in order to get it.


So often what stands in our way for financial prosperity is our own insecurities and our own emotions holding us back. In order to manifest wealth into your life, it’s important to get rid of these emotional and mental blockages. Peridot is the right prosperity crystal for doing this.

Use peridot while meditating over your heart and solar plexus chakras to focus the stone’s energy. This will help you to feel worthy of using crystals that attract money and reaching your financial goals.



This is the stone of success and abundance, making it a critical part of manifesting wealth and financial happiness in your life. Using it can help you to focus on creating a strong work ethic so that you can reach your goals.

Amazonite is connected to both the heart chakra and the throat chakra. By using it with the former, you can open your spirit to good fortune and positive feelings. By using it with the latter, you can bring calm and focus to your efforts. The two combine to bring you financial success.


Clear Quartz


Clear quartz amplifies the energy that you put into it or surround it with. This means that if you use the crystal when setting your financial goals and your intentions around how you will achieve these goals, the crystal will help you to reach them.

The best way to use clear quartz is as part of a crystal grid with one or several of the other money crystals. The combination of prosperity crystals you choose will help you to really solidify what you want to achieve and give you the strength to achieve it.


Green Aventurine

This stone is all about opportunities and attracting good fortune. There are many stories of people winning big or coming into money thanks to their use of green aventurine to manifest their financial desires. It’s certainly not a bad crystal for money to keep around.

Green aventurine works best when kept in places where money should be. Businesses can keep it in their checkouts or cash boxes, while individuals can keep some in their wallets or purse. If you’re entering a competition with a cash prize, be sure to keep the stone with you throughout.




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